Outdoor Hardscape

Hardscapes installation in Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ can cover a wide range of creative options. Our design team would be more than happy to show you all the choices on the market. The materials and ways in which they can be used are endless. When installed a certain way, the dramatic effect can lead to a great focal point for your home. Often time homeowners spend their resources on the inside of their home. But, the investment is well worth consideration on the outside, too. Curb appeal, purpose, and an extended the living area are just some of the benefits a hardscape can offer.

Everything Customized to YOU

Want to know the key to installing a jaw-dropping living space outdoors? Choose elements that won’t inhibit the overall flow and unit of the yardscape.

Hardscape Installation

Kashey Contracting is a full-service hardscape specialist, offering end-to-end services that include creative, custom designs and expert installation that keep your outdoor spaces functioning and looking fantastic for years to come.

Outdoor Patios

It can do a lot to improve your curb appeal and property value, but if you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces, adding functional elements that turn your yard into an extension of interior living spaces is the ideal solution.

Water Features

The rushing sounds of a waterfall, the serenity of a babbling brook or the majesty of a formal fountain can be the centerpiece or the finishing touch to your personal paradise.

Our Work

At Kashey Contracting every project we undertake is custom designed, and built specifically to meet your needs. We can design custom built personal environments for any style preferences. Whether it is a luxurious Modern Southwest design, sporting clean lines and an open layout, or it’s a kickback tropical experience, which would make palm trees in Hawaii dreary and envious.

Outdoor Hardscape

If you want a perfect fusion of natural elements to showcase the outside of your home or office, give our Scottsdale hardscape company a call.

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